A Look Into the Future

Wednesday Night Bible Study - 6:30 PM (6:00 PM on 4th Wed. Night)

Wednesday Night Bible Study is detailed study of various books of the Bible going through a book verse by berse, chapter by chapter.

This class is taught by Mike Mize, Pastor.   In the study of Revelation, PowerPoint outlines and photos are shown on the TV with handouts on all lessons available.

As on Sunday night, these studies are verse by verse discuss of various interpretations.   Many attending use the MacArthur Study Bible and the Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible with various commentatires and related books. In addition, numerous prophecy DVD's, books, and study guides published by Lamb & Lion Ministries are regularly incorporated in our prophecy studies.

As a church, we feel that the study of prophecy is important for 4 reasons:
  (1) 27% of the Bible is prophecy;
  (2) we believe the Coming of our Lord is near;
  (3) there is a special blessing promised for studying prophecy;
  (4) it gives assurance to the validity of the Bible.

The whole intent of this class is to give our member a strong Biblical foundation and to increase their knowledge of the Word.   Spiritual growth only comes with Bible study.