A Look Into the Future

The "Hilltop Bible Fellowship" Name

"Fellowship" means "fellows" in the same "ship".   Most of us at HTBF were all in the same boat – sensing that we were not where God intended us to be.   Somehow, we had drifted away from an intimate, personal relationship with God.   Then, God became our Provider.   Beginning Sunday, November 5, 2006, He drew each of us, a few at a time, to a little country church on a "Hilltop".   As the Holy Spirit taught us through Henry Blackaby’s "Experiencing God", it was God working, because God brought things together in His own unique, out-of-the-ordinary way:
on Sundays, we are a bunch of semi-Baptist meeting in a Methodist Church after their services;
for our mid-week fellowship, study, and discussion groups, we traded a church building for home meetings;
our emphasis shifted from doing and going more to our personal relationship with God;
one year ago, we could not have imagined we would be where we are; God truly brought us to this place.
"Hilltop" is an applicable name because:
our salvation was purchased on a Hilltop;
it is God’s desires for His Children to live on the Hilltop instead of down in the valley, He wants the best for His;
the Bible says we are to be “like a city set on Hill” to be a testimony of Him that attracts others to know Him;
some of Jesus’ greatest teachings were on a Hilltop (i.e. the Sermon on the Mount);
there is no better place to begin than on a Hilltop in the nature with Our Lord;
God provided a place on a Hilltop when there was no other place; God drew us together on a Hilltop.
The "t" in Hilltop is a Cross because:
to remind us of the sacrifice and love God showed for us on the Cross;
without the Cross, we have no relationship to God and we would be lost;
the red reminds us of the blood that Jesus shed for our sins; He took our sins; we took on His right standing with God.
The "Bible" is in the center of our name because:
"the Bible" is the center of everything we do as a individuals and a church, it is our guide and final authority;
every line, verse, and story in "the Bible" is a revelation of God;
"the Bible" is our doctrine;
"the Bible" is the Word and Jesus is the Word and Jesus is the center of our lives individually and our church.
On February 11, 2007, we selected the name "Hilltop Bible Fellowship". :  It signifies what we are about as a group and tells how God puts us together as a church.   God will build His church and it is clear that it was a God-thing.