A Look Into the Future

Our Message

God pursues each person to reveal His love for them.   It is His desire for each of us to know and understand Him.   God wants to have an intimate, personal relationship with you.   God is holy and mankind is born with a sin nature.   So, there was a problem.   Jesus did for you and me what we could not do for ourselves.   Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood to pay the penalty for our sins and to remove them.  

Now, I can have a personal, growing relationship with God.   I can know Him and have a relationship with Him.   I do this by placing my Faith in Jesus (I Believe / Trust in Him) and Accept that He died for me.   I ask Him to come into my life as my Lord & Savior and He does.   This is the Free Gift of Salvation, because Jesus Bought and Paid for my Redemption; and I did not deserve it and can never repay Him for it.  

When I ask Jesus into my life, He takes my sins and I take on His righteousness (which is right standing with God).   No one is saved unless the Holy Spirit of God convicts and draws.   Salvation comes by the Grace of God.   It can not be earned or deserved.  

Thank God for His Free Gift of Salvation.   It is truly by faith and not by works through Jesus Christ.   It is available to all who will receive it.