A Look Into the Future

Our Goal

To make a difference in my family, my church, my workplace, my town, any where I am and anything I am a part of - that difference is Jesus!

To reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To give our members Bible instruction that will enable them to better know and understand God, resulting in a desire and the knowledge necessary to cultivate an intimate, personal relationship with Christ.

To learn more about the Word of God and its truths, hereby each will better understand its principles and concepts with the ability to apply them to every day life situations.

To discover my spiritual gifts and how to use them in the church while appreciating and understanding others’ gifts.

To understand my position as a member in the body of Christ and allow God to work through me to benefit the whole body

To see each member become more like Jesus on a continuing basis.

To obey God and love Him with all my being; and to love and accept my fellow Brothers & Sisters in Christ as Jesus did me.